The County’s Green Space Shell Game

Posted on September 18, 2020

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0 How to “add” more parks, while residents simultaneously lose access to green space. It was a curious thing when the Public Spaces Master Plan suggested adding in an average of 3 acres of parkland per year to keep up with the pace of a growing population, only to see that zero money was allocated on any of the County’s budget to do so.  When lots the size of a quarter acre sell for over

Dorsey Drama Continues

Posted on September 16, 2020

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0 On September 16, Arlnow had a comment by a frequent contributor: Morning Notes $4 Million to Heirs Annually • 7 hours ago The Bankruptcy Trustee has a filed a motion to dismiss Dorsey’s bankruptcy case for his failure to file a modified proposed plan. A previous Court order required Dorsey to file a modified proposed plan that would include $5,893 owed to his mortgage company for failure to pay his May and June 2020 mortgage payments.

Park Maintenance… a Lazy approach?

Posted on September 12, 2020

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0 On Friday September 11, we showed up at Doctor’s Run Park and there were three maintenance vehicles pulled onto the grass. The team was busy mowing and blowing and edging. Our park is very well used and we tend to have a lot of garbage from the local 7-11 and lack of garbage cans in the area. We love this park; it is where our neighborhood children get out of one of

Voting Blue isn’t Enough

Posted on August 13, 2020

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1+ The situation in Arlington continues to disturb me. Certainly, we don’t have elected leaders or that are suppressing voting rights, curtailing a woman’s reproductive rights, or supporting aggressive policing. However, our elected leaders and do seem to have a unique relationship with the real estate and development community in Arlington. That  relationship seriously compromises other core values our community cherishes: education, the , and . To a busy resident who is only

Is a Car-Free Diet a priority, now?

Posted on August 11, 2020

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0 This morning I was greeted by my second email from Arlington’s Car-Free Diet program. Yes, my focus is elsewhere; as is everyone else’s. There are three reasons why allowing this email to be sent demonstrates the continued lack of strategic resource allocation by senior County leadership during this unprecedented time. In a county that has a very high proportion of white-collar working people, the majority of us who still have jobs are working from
1+ As the Pandemic continues, Arlington Elected Officials Drift into Opaqueness, Closed Door Sessions, and Lack of Public Review. Starting off with the good.  Arlington’s endless processes and faux outreach which wasted resident’s time and just resulted in diluted outcomes favoring staff and the most organized individuals or groups are finally taking a rest during the pandemic.  Now the bad. Trump flopped big time by not having any plan at all to deal with
0 After months (it’s been months) of individuals and commissions trying to find the “next normal” for Arlington public engagement, the has taken a step in the direction of reactivating Arlington’s decision-making infrastructure. If one takes a moment to analyze it, it has been a decidedly “Trumpist” approach. Hear me out. The Trump administration has a play book: get the public distracted about something pretty basic and easy to do, tell them it’s
1+ The Arlington County government has enacted a “Continuity of Government” ordinance to help it address the emergency presented by the epidemic. All levels of American government need and have emergency powers. How, when and where government exercises those powers is a test of leadership. Will the government overreach, underreach, or get it right? The Arlington County government’s response to the epidemic has displayed all three types of responses. There are many respects

A Park vs. A Park in Arlington

Posted on May 26, 2020

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0 When you think of a park, what do you think of? Arlington is one of the top five richest counties in the country. An award will not replace having spaces to play and relax for all ages. Arlington County was just ranked as #4 best park in the U.S.  by the Trust for Public Land. Let’s set aside the fact that in this instance Arlington is considered a city, that the calculation includes federal

Those “Well Meaning” Tree People

Posted on May 25, 2020

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6+ “A society grows great, when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in” – Greek Proverb A neighbor shared an email with me this week that was discussing the merits of removing a significant number of trees for a county project. There were three lines of particular interest Infrastructure investments will improve storm water runoff and reduce floodingTree preservation is a priority of [NOVA/Arlington parks] so they will work
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