0 This morning I was greeted by my second email from Arlington’s Car-Free Diet program. Yes, my focus is elsewhere; as is everyone else’s. There are three reasons why allowing this email to be sent demonstrates the continued lack of strategic resource allocation by senior County leadership during this unprecedented time. In a county that has a very high proportion of white-collar working people, the majority of us who still have jobs are working from
0 After months (it’s been months) of individuals and commissions trying to find the “next normal” for Arlington public , the has taken a step in the direction of reactivating Arlington’s decision-making infrastructure. If one takes a moment to analyze it, it has been a decidedly “Trumpist” approach. Hear me out. The Trump administration has a play book: get the public distracted about something pretty basic and easy to do, tell them it’s
1+ The Arlington County government has enacted a “Continuity of Government” ordinance to help it address the emergency presented by the epidemic. All levels of American government need and have emergency powers. How, when and where government exercises those powers is a test of leadership. Will the government overreach, underreach, or get it right? The Arlington County government’s response to the epidemic has displayed all three types of responses. There are many respects

A Park vs. A Park in Arlington

Posted on May 26, 2020

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0 When you think of a park, what do you think of? Arlington is one of the top five richest counties in the country. An award will not replace having spaces to play and relax for all ages. Arlington County was just ranked as #4 best park in the U.S.  by the Trust for Public Land. Let’s set aside the fact that in this instance Arlington is considered a city, that the calculation includes federal

Those “Well Meaning” Tree People

Posted on May 25, 2020

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6+ “A society grows great, when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in” – Greek Proverb A neighbor shared an email with me this week that was discussing the merits of removing a significant number of trees for a county project. There were three lines of particular interest Infrastructure investments will improve storm water runoff and reduce floodingTree preservation is a priority of [NOVA/Arlington parks] so they will work
0 I’m writing about the referee payment problems. I submitted my concerns in January about how absurd it was that referees were not getting paid. Apparently, our newest board member is most naïve in the ways of Arlington and was unable to fulfill his promise to get the referees paid by Feb. 1 “at the latest.” His updated desire is to resolve things “before spring arrives.” Bless his heart. Now Matt DeFerranti has set up
1+ In a search for basic information regarding Arlington County, I was told I would have to FOIA it. WHAT?!?!?! Why would I have to FOIA anything that should be easily accessible on a website? Furthermore, why would I have to pay for it?!  As background, the FOIA was signed into law in 1966. Following the Watergate scandal, FOIA became what it is today including the timeframes, penalties for non-compliance, and the parameters of fees
1+ As the heat gets turned up on Dorsey’s fate, I wonder if the other County Board members are in a position to comment on integrity, ethics, or recusing themselves from critical conversations. Let’s take as an example. Most people know Erik through his much-referenced home maintenance business, Clarendon Home Services. Positioned as a small family business, Erik made the case that he was the right candidate for the County Board because his

Columbia Pike Project

Posted on January 28, 2020

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2+ In reference to the ongoing Columbia Pike project and the lack of communication and transparency by the County, there was a number of years ago a segment of the overall project to align Four Mile Run Drive Minor with S. Buchanan Street as it crosses Columbia Pike.   That particular project completion was delayed well over two years with many cost overruns mainly because, as admitted to me by the same County project manager
0 Arlington County takes great pride in its community engagement strategy which includes a robust communication process that includes a network of civic associations, commissions, and working groups. The County has a responsibility to announce meetings and provide the community access to the minutes of such meetings, as deemed by Virginia open meeting laws. The Civic associations are a fundamental method to inform residents, involve them in decision making, and solicit feedback. The Civic Associations
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