“Arlington County management is worse than in developing countries”

Earlier this year, Arlington Mark Schwartz made a public apology for a major road disruption on Columbia Pike, affecting businesses and angering residents, who were never told of the work. Only after a public uproar and media reports, did he make an apology

It's dumbfounding that notifying the public about disruptions to infrastructure impacting businesses and residents would be a difficult task. But it seems that is case for .

A Columbia Heights post on Nextdoor is another example of his mismanagement.

Schwartz isn't making apologies just for his errors in alerting public about disruptions to infrastructure, he has made many other public apologies over policies including another one this year when Arlington was ordered to remove BLM chalk on Juneteenth. 

Given the frequency of apologies and that he only doles them out when the media reports on them, it's clear that he doesn't learn his lesson and that these apologies are insincere. 

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