Columbia Pike Project

In reference to the ongoing Columbia Pike project and the lack of communication and by the County, there was a number of years ago a segment of the overall project to align Four Mile Run Drive Minor with S. Buchanan Street as it crosses Columbia Pike.  

That particular project completion was delayed well over two years with many cost overruns mainly because, as admitted to me by the same County project manager who is assigned to this latest project, there was little if no oversight and coordination by the County with the contractors and the various utilities and no progress checks to make sure work was being completed correctly.  At that time, as of now, there was no communication by the County to the affected nearby residents. does not include in their contracts any incentives for completing the project early or on time and worse, no penalties for not.

It appears the lessons have not been learned and the residents, businesses, and commuters in the area will continue to suffer the consequences in addition to the untold millions of tax payer dollars wasted by the County's poor management.  

The entire County contracting should be overhauled so County residents can be assured their tax dollars are well spent and projects are completed correctly and on time with complete oversight and transparency and the affected residents are kept updated to any relevant changes.

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