In the last couple of weeks… Sept. 29, 2019

It's been a big couple of weeks and and the Arlington continue to show a lack of regard for the future of Arlington and its citizens. Some highlights include:

  • announcing an equity initiative without any metrics to determine success or failure and a clear message from the public that there isn't equity
  • continuing to approve buildings that cover 100% of the lot, have no affordable housing, and do not have any environmental or energy initiatives (Westmont) and using policy as the reason their hands are tied
  • marginalizing the neighborhood concerns about a lack of green space in the new Harris Teeter Public Space 
  • disregarding the state mandated floodplain at Benjamin Banneker Park 
  • creating a diversionary meeting schedule to discuss flooding in Arlington and why the staff and board won't be doing anything about it
  • voting to sell a public greenspace parcel in Rosslyn (property Q) that was deemed green “in perpetuity”
  • not purchasing the parcel next to Glebe Elementary
  • expressing platitudes for collaboration between Arlington and Alexandria 
  • opening up a request for public opinion on Marcey Road Park without providing any pictures, environmental assessment, or anything that would help inform the public's comments

Wow! They've been busy. What has your experience been? Share your thoughts and ideas on the whistle blowing site The Arlington Way


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