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is at an inflection point.

And right now, the county is running a very choreographed campaign to push the county in a direction that many of us do not agree with and, in many ways, loathe. We have tried being good citizen partners- attending meetings, sharing ideas, finding best practices, analyzing , and working behind the scenes to find a more tenable, sustainable and fiscally responsible path forward. We tried the “Arlington Way” of citizen and adding our expertise. When that didn't work many tried a more aggressive approach of letters to the editor, proof points of why processes and policies aren't working, and tried putting pressure through state or other political means – and still we are thwarted and dismissed even though a majority of citizens agreed. 
A lot of the time, this is lonely work and the county has made individuals or small groups feel like they are complete outliers.

However, we think that this may be a divide and conquer approach. We aren't alone and you are fighting for a better, different future, too. 

This website is a centralized repository

  1. of strategies that haven't worked,
  2. to identify patterns of staff, elected officials, special interests and volunteer behaviors, and
  3. to show fellow Arlingtonians that they aren't alone, but to keep up the fight. 

This website is built on your contributions.

Please take this as an opportunity to share your experiences, validate others' experiences, and/or iterate that you have had a similar experience.

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